It is this simple (and increasingly self-evident) premise upon which our behavioral engagment strategy is based.

LoneStartNow was founded in 2005 on the belief that by applying established principles of social neuroscience and behavioral economics, we could create a new engagement strategy that would achieve high rates of voluntary participation especially among those individuals who are most at risk for preventable chronic illness but least likely to participate in traditional wellness programs.

We knew that many wellness programs failed because they were based on the completely erroneous assumption that just because you told people what they should do, they would actually do it.

We knew that behaviorally, the opposite was, and still is, true.


Due to the cost shifting that is occurring with employer-based health insurance, almost all employees now understand that their daily lifestyle choices are having a direct impact on their family finances.

The insight and knowledge Jay Seifert communicates are matched only by his enthusiasm. His presentations leave his audience feeling empowered to improve their health, their work and their lives as a whole. The impact that he's had on our members has been profound.



David Pearson, FACHE, President / CEO

Texas Organization of Rural & Community Hospitals

Trust Your Employees                       Help Them Succeed                       Share Their Success



Ultimately, each of us aLone

                   must  Start to take charge of our                        health and Now is the time to do so.