People will change long-standing, deeply-entrenched, even rewarding behavior only if they believe two things:

          1.  This is worth it. (They're motivated)

          2.  I can do this. (They're confident)

Guess which is the hard part?

Your employees are more motivated than ever to improve their health and that of their families. Unfortunately, very few of them are confident that they will be able to do so.

Confidence comes from success. We prime your employees for success with our Fun-Duh-Mental Five engagement strategy.

Fun-Duh-Mental Five is not another wellness program. It is an employee engagement strategy that effectively removes the real and perceptual barriers to better health by exploring what we call the "Options of First Resort," those always-present opportunities to engage in positive behaviors that:

          Don't cost anything

          Don't take time out of the day

          Don't require sacrifice or deprivation

          Aren't stress-inducing

          Deliver tangible benefits

          Are actually FUN (This is not a typo)


While Fun-Duh-Mental Five was originally intended to be a jump-start for existing underperforming wellness programs, it has proven to be equally effective as a stand-alone engagement strategy.


Click Here for a brief presentation of the Fun-Duh-Mental Five approach to employee engagement.


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The LoneStartNow Fun-Duh-Mental Five engagement strategy replaces the negativity, stress and pessimism most people associate with wellness programs with the confidence and self-belief that comes from the empowering experience of self-motivated success.


Ellen Abernathy, ICHC,

Stonewall Memorial Hospital District

Wellness Center Director

Trust Your Employees                       Help Them Succeed                       Share Their Success

This is worth it. I can do this.

There is only one law in the behavioral sciences.