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Resolving Today's Workplace Wellness Dilemma

Your accountants will tell you that the money you

spent on a workplace wellness program is a SUNK cost.

We make sure your employees won't use the same

word (or worse) to describe your program.

Every American needs to see the LoneStartNow presentation. It will change the way you think about health and well-being and leave you with a renewed confidence in your ability to successfully take charge of your own health and that

of your organization. 

Rebecca J. Davis, Ph.D., Executive Director

National Cooperative of Health Networks

Trust Your Employees                       Help Them Succeed                       Share Their Success
Here's the dilemma.​
FACT:    Containing employee health care costs continues to be a business imperative.
FACT:    Most workplace wellness programs fail to achieve desired outcomes.
FACT:    At a time when reported stress levels are higher than ever, wellness programs are                 seen by employees as one more stressor in their lives.
FACT:    Underperforming programs drain resources and adversely affect employee                             morale and engagement.
LoneStartNow resolves this dilemma—not by selling you another program—that's the last thing you need—but by optimizing employee engagement in your current or planned
workplace wellness offerings.
The following short video will give you a sense of what we do and how we do it.